The Band Christmas Party

bndprtyToday was my community Band’s Christmas party. I’m not much of a party guy but I was looking forward to it.  I didn’t go the last few years because I expected it to suck.

I got there and checked in at the desk.  I was by myself because I have nobody to +1.

I didn’t eat any dinner because I expected to stuff my face at the party.  There were two trays of cheese cubes and meat circles.  Mostly empty.  I picked up a small plate and got two of everything.  Next I wandered around the room absent-mindedly eating my cubes and circles while looking for someone I recognized to sit by.  It is kind of a band/small-town admin party but I was still hard pressed to find many people I knew.

I finally picked a table where a few people I recognized were sitting.  I don’t know their names.  We exchanged niceties and within seconds my plate was empty.  The music was loud and everyone in the room was talking and laughing.  I sat there with my hands in my lap trying not to look too far out of place.  After about 5-10 minutes of that, the awkwardness was getting very uncomfortable.  I got up and pretended to go stand in the drink line and then slipped out the door which was conveniently nearby.

I was right.  It sucked.

If I had someone to go along with me it might have not sucked as much.  Such is my life.

TV is better.  I have a new episode of Big Bang Theory on my DVR.



One thought on “The Band Christmas Party

  1. Adrienne

    Eek, I can seriously empathize with this! I had to attend numerous AF parties, and I WAS the plus one 😉 You’d think as a couple we could have found people to talk to or tables to sit with…but invariably people have their little cliques. And I hasten to add, we are likable! 🙂 It’s just that we try to avoid political topics, kid topics, and religion topics…and that seems to be all there is with these people. I am familiar with the “I’m just going to find the restroom” and never coming back move 🙂 We actually ducked out of a friend’s wedding reception one time 🙂 We’d traveled to Ohio from Tx, and didn’t know anyone but the groom at the wedding, and it was really uncomfortable to be sitting at the reception listening to people around us cut down either the bride or groom! We left before the food was served, and just ran off to the Olive Garden and laughed about it 😉 Anyway, my point was…just because you play in a band with people doesn’t mean you have to enjoy them at a party…

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