Doomsday Disappointment

dmsdyWell,  There you go.  There are only a couple of hours left in this day of December 21st, 2012.  A whole lot of nothing happened.  Yes.  I’m disappointed.

Now I didn’t expect an asteroid to destroy the world but I was looking forward to SOMETHING.  More realistically, the Mayans did not predict the end of the world, just the end of the cycle.  We made it into something sensational because it is human nature to hate life and desire death and destruction.

Besides, it was fun.

Now we have a major problem.  There is nothing left to look forward to.  There’s no point in living because it just goes on and on ad infinitum.  Boring boring boring nothing nothing sucks.

I figured our best chance in a world-changing event might be terrorists taking advantage of the hype and setting off a dirty bomb somewhere in the US or maybe taking out the power grid.  But no.  I don’t think we have much to fear from terrorism. They just don’t have their act together.  The best they can do is small stuff.  If you really step back and look at it 9/11 was small.  Just one building complex and some people.  Small potatoes.  You need to take out a whole city if you want to change things.  Taking down the grid even for just a few days would really get people’s attention and perhaps wake them up.

We are a few days from the “Fiscal Cliff”.   Some people seem to think it is a big deal.  I don’t understand it or care but maybe it is a big deal.  They say if things aren’t changed by January 1st the cliff could take us into a new depression.  That could be fun.  So far it is not looking good for finding a solution but they always make it better at the last minute.  Boring.  I’m hoping they don’t so things will get interesting again.

The world is not really having any energy crisis.  Plenty of oil and gas.  Gas prices are relatively low.

More people than usual are going crazy and shooting up malls, theatres and elementary schools.  This may be a rising trend. This may be interesting but doesn’t affect me other than boring me with speculative reporting.

The aliens haven’t revealed themselves.  I was hoping for that.

The weather is warmer than usual.  Global warming continues to increase.  It sucks and is not very exciting.   Like watching paint dry.

The worst part is that I have to go back to work next week.  Mundania in suburbia continues to the maxima.

Anyone else disappointed?



2 thoughts on “Doomsday Disappointment

  1. No, you’re not alone in feeling let down by Mayan Doomsday. No comets, asteroids or unusual stars, not even Aurora Borialis. No earthquakes, mudslides, floods, volcanoes, aliens, nada, ziptoe, nuthin’. Anticlimatic apocalypse if you ask me. I half expected Jezus to show up in a UFO battleship with E.T. & Mr. Spock and raise an army of undead zombies and kick mankind’s collective ass. Not one single suicide reported! I’m alarmed by the lack of any bad news. The world as we used to know it is already over. Pot is legal but there’s no more Twinkies. What’s the point of living anymore?

  2. I also hoped the aliens would reveal themselves. I was excited for the next dimension. I had candles prepared for the long darkness and made my family come together (which is no easy feat). And I just ooked like a silly fool for doing it. I am embarrasesed. I really enjoyed researching all the ideas of what was to come on dec 21, 2012! It was my favorite past time. Now, with a big sigh, it’s back to work. Back to the same ol’ worries. A big shift did happen, and unfortunately it is not wonderful as I was looking forward to and secretly hoping for. A re-birth! A chance to rid the old, stagnant negative, greedy and violent energy on this planet….now just the same old. Why should I continue to care? There seems to be little hope for a better, cleaner and healthier world without a big shift or help from other beings.

    Did the fact that nothing happened, not even a powerful dream, winter solstice leave me disappointed and cynical? I think it did.

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