I really do wish you a Merry Christmas.

mryxmsI just wanted to let everyone know that I actually wish you a Merry Christmas.  Why is this a special thing?  It has been many a year since I have felt positive about Christmas.  The season usually makes me angry but something is different this year.

I’m not entirely sure why so I would really like to know.  I didn’t start out this way.  As we progressed through November and Christmas was in full swing, I was annoyed and pissed off with the rampant commercialism and the pointlessness of a single lonely guy celebrating it.

For the last few years, maybe a decade what’s left of my family has not wanted to exchange gifts.  This only makes it more pointless.  Since I’m not a religious person the “reason for the season” doesn’t do the trick either.  I prefer to think of Christmas in more of a median way.  A time to think of family and remember happier times gone by.

I forced myself to put up my christmas tree and buy presents for the family.  I didn’t go all out except for my mom’s gift because it’s the thought that is more important.  It’s hard to buy stuff for people you hardly know anyway.  We will be meeting at my cousin’s house in New Braunfels just up the highway from San Antonio.   I was angry about having to go there at first but I’m OK with it now.  All in all, it’s as good as anything else.

Christmas is a few days away at this point and I am feeling good about it.  It is a nice feeling to not be angry.

I want to sincerely wish the world a Merry Christmas for the first time in decades.  This is so weird.