Spa Heater Broken


Oh Bummer!  It was a nice cold evening and I planned to get naked and do some hot tubbing.  As soon as I got home I turned on the spa to heat up for later.  After an hour I checked the temperature to see how it was going and it was the same!  Cold.

Nooooo!  I got out my multimeter and checked for voltage at the heater element.  220V like it should be.  That means the element is dead.  Bummer again!  I pulled out my iPad and started searching for a replacement.  The old one was a Balboa 5.5KW tube.  I found a new one online for $97 after shipping.  Not bad!  It’s totally worth that so I ordered it.  Now I just have to wait a week or so until it arrives before I can enjoy a nice hot soak.