Quick Product Review – Ryobi RK16 Router

rbirtrI’ve been keeping my old Craftsman router together with duct tape and paper clips and it has finally given up and died.  I’m rebuilding the wooden box around my hot tub and needed to make long grooves in the 2×4 frame.  After going just a few inches the old router started smoking and stopped.  I gave it a proper burial.

Needing a new router quickly I found a Ryobi on the Home Depot website for $59.97.  The price was right and they were in stock at the store.  It is a 1.5 horse power unit and worked like a charm to make my project groovy.  It does not come with any bits but does include a totally unnecessary carrying case.   They could probably have lowered the price at least $10.00 by skipping the case.  How often would you put your router in a carrying case and carry it around?  It goes in the garage on the shelf.  No case needed.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it has a switch at the top rather than a trigger on the handhold like my old one.  Seems a trigger would make it safer to use.  Oh well, I’ll be OK with that.   Danger is my middle name.

I haven’t checked yet but I’m hoping it will fit the base and collar I bought for my dovetailing jig.  It didn’t fit on my old craftsman router without modification.  So far I’m happy with it.


Quick Product Review – Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Cat Litter

ahssclI am a HUGE fan of Arm & Hammer cat litter mostly because it clumps really well and does a good job controlling odor.  It’s Arm & Hammer after all.

HOWEVER… I have a big problem with the Super Scoop version of this product.  It still works as well as the regular version but has SO MUCH perfumey smell that I can’t stand it.  The whole house, the garage and my car smell like this stuff.  It’s horrible!  I would much rather smell cat poop than the sickly sweet smell of Super Scoop.

I’m not the kind of person who would throw out something that still works perfectly well but I threw out the second half of this box.  I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Back to the original…  Don’t get Super Scoop unless your nose is stopped up and you can’t smell anything.

Frustration Attack


I’m experiencing a major frustration attack today.  It happens when life is out of my control.

At the top of my list is the warm winter we are having.  Today is January 29th and it is 86 degrees outside. In a matter of weeks we will be back in the 90s and 100s until late October.  I had to use my air conditioner for the last week.  It’s JANUARY for God’s sake!

A cool front is coming tonight so it will at least be like fall for a few days.  My hot tub is broken and I am rebuilding it but I am wasting all my daylight hours sitting in my office doing absolutely nothing while time is running out.  I love my hot tub and if winter concludes before I get it fixed and get to enjoy it I’m going to be seriously pissed off.

If summer starts and I don’t get the things I need to do done before it is too hot to go outside I don’t know how I will handle it.

All I want is TIME!  Why is time so hard to get these days?  It has to be the most expensive commodity on the market.  Far more valuable than oil, gold or even platinum.

I swear I am going to snap soon.  This is not looking good.

What is your greatest regret?

rgrt2As a person ages and time passes more quickly, he looks back at his life and feels regret about something he has done or left undone.  Regret is a feeling of remorse over something lost that cannot be repaired due to the passage of time.

One might expect that my deepest regret is the fact that I have lived a solitary life without enjoying the benefits of a close friend or family.  Although it ranks rather high on the scale if pales in comparison with the fact that I have spent an outrageously large chunk of my life going to school and working.

By spending so much time of my waking being doing something I don’t enjoy to the detriment of fun and exploration I feel an immense loss.  Some people might think that having a good job is life itself.  Either they are on to something or they are completely oblivious to the meaning of life.  Humans weren’t meant to toil their life away until they were not only too old to work but too old to enjoy the waning life-force left in their bodies.

Perhaps it is part of my midlife crisis but even though I am only 45 I am already limited in what I can do because of back pain and loss energy.   Sure, I could get my fitness back but after spending a day at work, my energy is drained.  The best I can do is collapse on the couch and watch TV until bedtime.

Saturday is finally a day that I usually have to myself to do all the wonderous things I’ve thought up during the week.  Unfortunately Saturday lasts only for a couple of hours.  Sunday is spent at my mom’s house doing her honey-do list.

Sometimes I am invited to do something fun on a Saturday.  Even though I want to do to it I have a whole week of things built up that I have only one precious day to do.  Do I go have fun and let everything I need to do wait another whole week?  Logic says yes and no.  In most cases I would rather do the things I want to do rather than what someone else wants to do on the most valuable day of the week.

I regret the fact that humans have to work to live.  We weren’t meant to live like this.  We brought this upon ourselves and there is no escape.

What is your greatest regret?


Dreamblog – The Apartment

I had moved into an apartment not far from where I work.  I wasn’t sure why because I had paid off my house mortgage and now I would have to pay rent.  The apartment was old and was not in very good condition but I liked it for some reason.  There were a lot of people there like it was a housewarming party or something.

I woke up the next morning and there were still a few people there.  We started to explore the rooms.  I walked into a bedroom that was still full of things.  It appeared the apartment had been previously owned by two girls.

The room had shelves on the walls that were filled with incredibly huge and old-looking books.  Some smaller ones were like comic books that were hand drawn.  Some even had grades on them like they were school projects.  Under the desk was a collection of old electric typewriters.  One was still on.  I turned it off.  I wondered about the potential for fixing up and reselling them but I remembered they aren’t worth much these days.

Many of the old books were thin and about five feet tall.  I picked one off the shelf and it was written in Latin.  They seemed to be mostly occult books.  I was looking forward to browsing through this room.

There was an opening in the ceiling.  I expected to find some secret stash up there but after  getting  a chair and a flashlight I found nothing but old insulation and dust.  There were many small openings to the outside up there. One contained fiber optic wires.  I thought about how poorly insulated this building was.

Is it really cold up north or are they just making it up?

crsnwThe national news is reporting sub-zero temperatures and snow in the North East part of the U.S.   I find it very hard to believe.   I think it is false reporting and photoshopped pictures.  There is no such thing as negative temperatures.

It is 50 degrees early this morning and expected to be 77 this afternoon.  We haven’t seen snow in San Antonio since 1985.   I don’t belive the news.  They’re full of crap.

Obama’s Second Inauguration- Collossal waste of money?

ingratnI didn’t see the Second inauguration of President Obama today.  I went to see The Hobbit.  I assume it was on TV.  With so much talk and hype about it I’m willing to bet millions of dollars were spent on this occasion.

Is it really necessary to go through all that rigmarole and wasted money on someone who is ALREADY in the office?  Why do we keep wasting so much money then wondering why we can’t pay for the important things?  This world is so messed up. I hate this planet.