Why I don’t smoke

smkrslngI don’t smoke and I’ll tell you why.  When I was a little boy in elementary school, we had a guest speaker come in to talk to us about smoking.  We all sat cross-legged on the orange carpeted floor of the library as the speaker showed us a full-sized cut away mannequin with one healthy lung and one damaged lung of a smoker.

The lung looked much worse than the one pictured above and it really impacted my growing little brain.  There was no way in Hell I would ever smoke.  I’m 45 now and there is still no way in Hell I will ever smoke.  I haven’t forgotten the lesson tought to me by a stranger.  I don’t have to learn the hard way.  You only get one set of lungs.

So while my mind is boggling when I see people smoking I can’t help but ask.  Which set of lungs pictured above match yours?  Mine is the nice clean, healthy pink one on the left.