Going to get a metal detector

mtldtctrI just watched a few episodes of “Diggers” on the National Geographic Channel.  It reminded me that ever since I was a little boy, I always wanted a metal detector.

My uncle had one that he let me play with for a little while.  Back in those days metal detectors were pretty basic.  It had a radio transmitter inside and required you to tune in using a transistor radio and an earphone.  I’m surprised he didn’t give it to me because I’m sure he would never use it again.

Now that I’m older and richer I think it would be a hoot to get a nice one and do some detecting.  I don’t care about value of items though it would be nice to find something valuable.  I’m more interested in finding stuff that might have been right under my nose for decades.

I remember burying a time capsule in my back yard when I was in elementary school.  I doubt I was able to not dig it up shortly thereafter but I don’t remember doing it.  I wonder if it is still there.  That would be amazing.

Due to the drought some lakes around the area are super low.  I’ll bet I can find some good stuff dropped overboard over the years.  I’m going shopping for a detector tomorrow.  This could be so much fun.