Dreamblog – The Fire

I was with some people in a large one story building.  We were camping amongst a lot of trees. (inside the building)   We were doing something and one of the trees caught on fire.  We thought it was out but it came back and quickly spread to the other trees.  We ran to get away from the quickly advancing fire.

At the front of the building was a high-tech company.  It was night so we walked into a conference room and turned the light on.  A motion sensor set off the alarm and within minutes the place was swarming with police and security.  We tried to explain why we were there but they weren’t listening.  Finally smoke started seeping into the area and they believed us and let us go.

We drove around the back of the building where there was the most fire damage.  People were already boarding up the broken windows and entrances.  I watched a guy use a pressure washer to cut designs in a rug.  He had the spray on a wide pattern and was just making a mess of it.  A tight pattern might cut better.