The One Week Healty Eating Experiment

hlthyfdsThis week I’ve decided to experiment with eating light and healthy.  Changing your diet is often extremely difficult in today’s fast food craving world.  Lately I’ve been feeling overstuffed far too often.  Sometimes wishing I hadn’t eaten that meal.  I used to enjoy being stuffed but now it is getting unpleasant.  I guess it is part of getting older and wiser.

Starting yesterday (Monday) I’ve been eating light meals composed largely of vegetables and chicken.  For snacks and some meals I’ve substituted fruits and low-calorie and low cholesterol items.  The result is that I am actually feeling hungry for the next meal rather than just eating because it is time.

Feeling hungry is not a bad thing.  Some people seem to think of hunger as debilitating.  It’s just a feeling.  Experience it!  It’s not so bad.  It just means you haven’t eaten too much during the last meal.  It means you are doing it right.

I’m only on day two but I am satisfied with my intake.  I feel better too.  I’ll bet I’ll loose some decent weight as well.  Gotta look and feel good for the upcoming speedo season.



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