Dreamblog – The Apartment

I had moved into an apartment not far from where I work.  I wasn’t sure why because I had paid off my house mortgage and now I would have to pay rent.  The apartment was old and was not in very good condition but I liked it for some reason.  There were a lot of people there like it was a housewarming party or something.

I woke up the next morning and there were still a few people there.  We started to explore the rooms.  I walked into a bedroom that was still full of things.  It appeared the apartment had been previously owned by two girls.

The room had shelves on the walls that were filled with incredibly huge and old-looking books.  Some smaller ones were like comic books that were hand drawn.  Some even had grades on them like they were school projects.  Under the desk was a collection of old electric typewriters.  One was still on.  I turned it off.  I wondered about the potential for fixing up and reselling them but I remembered they aren’t worth much these days.

Many of the old books were thin and about five feet tall.  I picked one off the shelf and it was written in Latin.  They seemed to be mostly occult books.  I was looking forward to browsing through this room.

There was an opening in the ceiling.  I expected to find some secret stash up there but after  getting  a chair and a flashlight I found nothing but old insulation and dust.  There were many small openings to the outside up there. One contained fiber optic wires.  I thought about how poorly insulated this building was.