Hot Tub rebuild update

tubrebuildWow.  This hot tub rebuild is kicking my butt.  My biggest problem is finding the time to work on it.  I’ve done a little skipping out of work and skipping some important TV time but the end is in sight.

It all started because of a pump plugged up with leaves.  It burned out my heater.  The wood was getting pretty rotted as well and it is “winter” so I figured it would be best to take advantage of the non-scorching weather to get it done.

I hadn’t planned to, but I ended up ripping out the whole frame, removed all the pumps, heater, insulation and electronics.  I rebuilt the frame using pressure treated lumber to minimize future rotting.  The redwood paneling was still in good shape for the most part so I could reuse it.

For the top frame I used cedar which is naturally rot-resistant and looks better than pressure treated lumber.   I think I could pretty much finish it up in about 4 to 5 hours more of work.

It’s tough fighting time and pain to get a job done.  At least I’m not fighting heat as well.  I sure hope there is some winter left.  Traditionally the first two weeks of February is the coldest time in San Antonio.  That period is upon us and will soon be over.  Late February is the beginning of summer.  (There is no spring.  Winter is fall-spring).  I like it to be cold when I am hot tubbing.  There’s no point when it is warm.  I have a feeling winter will be missing us this year. Sucks.



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