Something to bark about

brkngdgThe worst thing about my neighborhood here in the sprawling suburban wastelands of San Antonio is the fact that I am surrounded by barking dogs.  They just bark for no reason on and on forever until I just wish I was dead.

Occasionally there will be a time when they are all silent and the world seems like a wonderful place.  Usually around 3:00 in the morning if I am lucky.

It is difficult to enjoy opening the windows and allowing fresh air to wash into the house without being flooded by the onslaught of noise.  It’s not the dogs themselves that piss me off so much but the owner’s complete disregard for the sanctity of their neighborhood.  Why don’t they do something about it?  I am constantly on guard that I don’t make any disturbing noises that might bother others so I think it would be only fair to receive the same consideration.

I am thinking of doing something interesting.  What if I take an old amplifier and speaker and connect it to a laptop.  Use a frequency generator to make an ultrasonic sound that will annoy the dogs and make them bark and howl.   This could go on forever until the owners finally do something.  It would give the dogs something to bark about.

I wonder if it can be done.  I might give it a go.  I’m always up for a scientific experiment.

Update:  I had an old network router laying around so I configured it with the SSID of, “Please keep your dogs quiet.”  It is not connected to the internet in any way.  It is just broadcasting the name so anytime someone in the area looks at their network connections they might see my message and maybe think about it.