Why I’m done with Outback Steakhouse

outbkI think today was my last ever visit to Outback Steakhouse.  It used to be awesome but I’ve lost interest for a number of reasons.

1. You have to pay an extra $2.99 for a dinner salad that used to come with the meal.  The salad really wasn’t that good either. Used to be better somehow.  More Ranch perhaps.

2. The steaks really aren’t very good.  They taste like plain meat put on a grill.  No flavoring.  Serious A-1 emergency here.  I can make a better steak by marinading a t-bone in italian dressing then grilling.  Seems like a restaurant could do better than I could.  Nope.  My last steak was so full of gristle I couldn’t eat it.

3. Same goes for the hamburger meat.  No flavor.  Pass the A-1.

Outback has gone from “all that” to “big meh.”  They should try a little harder.

I’m done.