Lonely Man Dinners – Waffles


Waffles. They aren’t just for breakfast anymore.  For a lonely man, pancakes and waffles make a great meal.  Waffles are even better because they have little pockets that hold the syrup.

I was wandering around Best Buy today and passed the small appliance counter.  They had an Oster Flip Waffle Maker for $29.99 that called me by name.  There were more expensive models right next to it but I couldn’t imagine how much better a waffle maker can be so bought the cheap one.

Today after coming home from work, I knew what was for dinner.

I busted it out of the box and took the Hungry Jack just-add-water pancake mix off the shelf.   1/2 cup of mix plus a little over 1/3 cup of water.  Mix, Pour into the hot machine and flip it over.

The green light goes off and after a few minutes it turns on again indicating that your waffle is ready.  Flip it back over and set the waffle free.   Pour on some nice warm syrup and enjoy.

I believe I will be enjoying this machine for years to come.  Sure beats pancakes.

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