How low is Medina Lake in Texas?

mlktrsMedina Lake is 3.2% full as of March 3, 2014

After years of drought in Texas, Medina Lake is one of the most hard hit in the state.  This picture was taken in February of 2013 and shows a tree that has been submerged under 60 feet of water since 1913 when the dam was built.

The lake is now only 3.2% full which means it is down 90 feet from normal.  The drought is expected to continue through 2014 at which point the lake will surely dry up completely.

Originally built to supply local farmers with water for their crops, farmers are no longer allowed to draw water from the lake.  Things are not looking good for Texas.  Global Warming has dealt the state a staggering blow.  It is time to start migrating north.   Click here for the current lake level.