Attack Mode

attckctO.M.G!  Today the weather was nice so I have my windows open as well as my back door.  My cat which lives entirely inside was sitting at the door looking out when a neighborcat walked across the yard and up to the door.  I was concerned but just watched to see what would happen.

The neighborcat kept his/her distance and my cat started growling slightly.  I figured that would be a good time to close the door.  As I got up and closed it my cat had suddenly turned from nose-licking loving chest warmer to a fierce little lion.  She faced me and bared her teeth, screaming and advancing on me.  I totally freaked out too.

I was seriously afraid of what she was going to do.  I grabbed nearby objects and threw them near her  (Not at her) hoping to scare her away from me but she stood her ground.  Holy shit!  I plucked a small pillow off the couch and threw it at her directly.  She ran upstairs growling at me.  I let her be.

After a few hours I had to go upstairs.  She was on the landing and probably had gotten over it but I slipped and fell on the stairs freaking her out again.  She was back in attack mode and I was also freaking out again.  I threw objects near her and then the pillow at her again.  She retreated upstairs.

Damn!  My heart was beating wildly not knowing a cat could do that.  I sure hope she gets over this permanently.  I would not want to live with that in my house.  It was like having someone you don’t know suddenly in the house with you.  Freaky!  I wold not have thought such a reaction was possible.

I wonder what the hell happened to make her act like that.  It’s kind of like a docile rottweiler suddenly wanting to rip your face off.



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