Dreamglog – The Culling

idbdgI was somewhere outside with my mom and sister amongst a large group of other people.  We were approached by some soldiers who walked through the crowd quickly selecting some people but not others.  They selected my sister, who along with the other chosen people were told to stand in a line.  My mom and I, not knowing what to do slipped into line with my sister.

We were led to some kind of hotel room.  One of the people with us was a boisterous man in a suit.  He wanted to write something down but couldn’t find a pen.  I found one that I was able to get working and gave it to him.

We were then taken to a passenger train where we rode for a while until the train came to a portal.  There was a strange feeling as we passed through the portal.  It only lasted a second and as we came out the other side the only ones left on the train were myself and the boisterous man.

As the train rolled down a steep hill I looked ahead and saw workers throwing bodies into a hole so I quickly jumped off the train and climbed back up the hill hoping  I would not be seen by the workers.

At the top of the hill was a station where the rest of the passengers were changing.  I noticed that many had red ID tags.  I knew I had to have one so I wandered around the changing room looking for an opportunity to steal one.  Eventually I came upon some clothes that were dropped on the floor.  Beneath them I could see the red corner of a badge.  I picked up the whole bunch of clothes and put them on the shelf nearby quickly slipping the ID badge into my pocket and walked away.

I knew the badge would not match my ID but it might buy me some time until I could figure out my next move.  I would have to travel carefully ensuring that my badge is seen only from afar.

I expect this was the solution to the world’s overcrowding problem.