The way we were meant to live

cntryhseOn Sunday I went with my mom, sister to visit some relatives in the country.

This is how people were meant to live.  A small house on hundreds of acres of land.  You can sit on the front porch and see nothing but land, trees and cows.  Not a sign on hypocrisy as far as the eye can see.

These people were lucky enough to have the land handed down to them through generations of original landowners.  People like us need millions of dollars to buy such property.

If only I could go back in time and buy some land cheap.  I am reading a diary of a German immigrant who lived in 1848.  He bought 200 acres in Central Texas with a house, cookhouse, barn and garden for $1,000.  He bought 15 milk cows with calves for $10 each and three horses for $30.  Why can I not do that today?  Land is going for at least $4000 an acre and then you can only buy it in large quantities.  I only need 5-10 acres to be satisfied.  One day it will come to me.  If I wait long enough I find that anything I need will eventually come to me.  I hope I have that kind of patience and time left.