Memory – Spring Break


In remembrance of Spring Break Past I thought I would dredge up a few related memories.  As an intelligent adult I no longer support the whole spring break thing.  I’ve written my thoughts about this a year or so ago.

Still,  It happened so here’s what I remember:  Not being a big fan of beer of course I was not IN with the rest of the crowd.  You are too young to be drinking alcohol in High School anyway but that doesn’t stop underage delinquents when they are unsupervised.  Still, somehow I was invited for spring break festivities in Port Aransas, Texas.  Just about 200 miles from San Antonio.  We went in a convoy.  I rode with my friend in his VW beetle.   The best part of the trip was when the guys in the truck ahead of us decided it would be a good idea to pee off the back of a moving truck.  That didn’t go well for them when it blew back up into their faces.  Ba ha haaa!

We stayed in a small motel room.  There were probably 10 of us crammed in there.  The pool in the motel was green but that didn’t stop a few brave guys from jumping in.  I remember coming back to the room once.  Everyone was gone and the door was locked.  Having seen the credit card trick on TV, I tried it out and it worked!  I’ve always been awesome.

In the evening there is the vehicle parade up and down the beach.  I remember riding in the back of a guy’s truck.  He had awesome KC lights on top of the roll bar.  He turned them on and I swiveled one around the crowd like a search light.  He then turned them off and wouldn’t turn them back on again.  Bastard.

When it was finally time to leave one of the guys decided it would be a good idea to take a souvenir.  The Sand Dollar motel had a sign that had a wooden sand dollar on it.  He thought it would be a good choice.  As he was unscrewing it the manager saw him and asked what he was doing.  He quickly responded that it was loose and he was tightening it up.

I’m sure much more happened but that is all I can remember.  Not because of alcohol induced memory loss but because there is nothing else worth remembering.