The Party


A club I’m involved in talked me into having a party at my house.  I figured I owe it to them considering all the ones I’ve attended at other people’s houses.  Usually pool parties during the summer.

During the winter there’s not a lot of swimming going on so we planned a movie party at my house.  I was apprehensive but decided it would be good for me and the club to do it.

Of course I spent the next few weeks worrying about it and cleaning up my house in preparation.  The day finally came and the party went well and is finally over.  I am relieved.

Even though it was an OK experience, I don’t ever want to do it again.  Having a bunch of people in my house was highly weird and deep down rather unpleasant.  I don’t like being in charge of entertaining other people.  I much prefer entertaining only myself.

In any event, I’m relieved that it is over.  I will not be volunteering again or allow myself to be volunteered.  I am not a party guy.



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