Looking for land in the country

I just got back from a drive in the country to look at land.  My dream of moving to Colorado is pretty much unattainable so the next best thing would be to move out of the city into the country around San Antonio.   Searching the internet for around 5-10 acres is proving incredibly difficult.  People are only selling land in large quantities or very tiny lots.   I finally turned up a prospective place.  It is almost 5 acres for $35,000.   It was worth a look so I got in the car and hit the road.

It took 45 minutes and was 45 miles away.  That’s a pretty long commute compared to my current 6 mile drive.  90 miles a day even at 50 hybrid mpg is still a lot of gas. Perhaps it would be worth it as an alternative to suicide.

The land was easy to find but the 1/8 mile road to it is virtually impassable.   Dirt, narrow and full of muddy pot holes that I barely made it through.   I really didn’t look at the land itself because the drive up to it was a major deal breaker.  No wonder the price was not too high.  There’s always a catch.

Instead of totally wasting my trip I drove slowly around the countryside looking for “For Sale” signs.  They were few and far between.  There’s SO much land that is untouched but not for sale.  That is very frustrating.  I have a relative in the area who is a realtor so I guess I’ll have to consult her.  Maybe she knows some secret locations.  I’ll bet not.

I did enjoy the fact that as I passed other cars on the street, they gave a little wave.  Country folk are not zombies.

I like the house I have but I hate the suburban wasteland that it is smack in the middle of.   I hate the city that sprawls for dozens of miles in every direction.  I hate the zombie people who are in it.