Quick Movie Review – Children of Men

chldrnofmnI had forgotten that I had seen this movie before so I watched it again.  The movie itself is a bit on the boring and forgettable side but the premise is very interesting.

It is set in the year 2027. (Only 14 years from now)  The world has become sterile and no new child has been born in 18 years. (four years ago)   Finally a young woman is found to be pregnant and has to be smuggled to a safe place.

I like the idea of the world becoming sterile.  Without spending all our time worrying about whether the children are safe or not we can put our energy into much more important things and Humanity can finally advance.  Eventually, through science, we would find a way to fix the reproduction problem and by that time the world would be a better place with fewer people.

I also liked the idea that illegal immigrants were actively pursued and deported.  Nice!