Listening to the rain

rndrpsInstead of going to bed, I opened up both sides of my french door and pulled my recliner over to sit and look out at the back yard.  The rain is falling gently as thunder and lightning roll across the sky.  The cat is upstairs under the covers on the bed.

I can’t describe how beautiful the sound of raindrops hitting the ground is.  The fresh, cool, moist air wafting in the doorway.  I don’t even care that bugs are coming inside the house.  It’s wonderful and I hope it doesn’t stop anytime soon.

Rain is the best thing that Earth has to offer.   It makes me feel like a new person.  I feel 90% happier already.  Listening to my recording of rain just doesn’t cut it.  Thank you rain!  I love you so much.  Don’t be such a stranger!