To Friend or not to Friend?


So… Back to the eternal question…

In my efforts to achieve happiness all documentation points to the fact that friends ARE happiness.  Well, what am I supposed to do about that?

I have spent so many years convincing myself that I don’t need any friends and have done rather well without them.  Was it a mistake?  I am doing rather well right now but is it a delusion?  Yes.  But is it right?

I am considering, once again, attempting to contact my friends.  I know it is futile but should I not keep trying?

The best I can offer them in my attempt to wake them up from their zombie family lives is my help.  I am good at fixing things.  Maybe they could use my help with something?  They would get free service and I would get time with them.  Does this sound right?  I really can’t tell.

I’m thinking about just sending them a short email that says, “If you need help with anything, just let me know.”   Does this sound weird or creepy?  I really can’t tell.

I was going to do it right away but I would really like some advice first.  Because I probably won’t get any/enough response here I might ask on Yahoo Answers though I will be risking impertinence.

Please give me your advice on this issue.



One thought on “To Friend or not to Friend?

  1. Adrienne

    Firstly, zombie family lives…hahaha 🙂 Well put! It’s probably too late to weigh in on this question, but I think you would be doing them a favor if you got in touch. It’s almost like time gets compacted for people with kids. They think a month or so has passed since they last talked to you, and it’s actually a year- and you’ve written them off long ago! If you do bite the bullet and call, they are genuinely surprised. And you sound like a very handy friend to have indeed! Very low maintenance. I’ve never had a friend offer to help out with anything spontaneously. However! (secondly…) since I don’t know who your friends are…it’s also possible that you threaten the men by being handier than they are, and maybe the women are threatened by your single status, and don’t want you reminding their husbands that life used to be their own before marriage 😉 Don’t be hurt if someone acts “oh so busy”…just move on to the next…

    But if you just meant guy friends you were going to contact, sure…what’s the hold up? Just call and say wassup. Like the Big Bang…it seems like guys can pretty much just watch TV together and shoot the breeze. You don’t have to be doing an event…

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