Dreamblog – Escape from the concentration camp

I found myself in a concentration camp in another country.  We knew they were going to kill everyone so I knew I had to escape.  I found an area of the barbed wire that we could get through so I waited for late night when most people were asleep and the guards were not really paying attention.

Somehow a lot of other prisoners found out about the plan and came with me. We escaped and made our way across the countryside to a town where we checked into a hotel.  It was obvious to me that all these people would attract attention so I and four others hid in the attic.  I was very careful not to make any noise but there were more and more people arriving in the attic and the noise was unbearable.   The original group of four slipped out of the hotel as a flatbed truck from the concentration camp pulled up in front.  Everyone else was going to be caught.

The three others and I made our way around town and stole a truck to make our getaway.  We didn’t get far before the police stopped us and we each ran a different direction.  I made my way along a river until I got to a coastline.  As I followed the coastline colored water started coming out of the ground giving away my position.  The police were closing in on me so I took a 90 degree turn and headed inland through the city.  In order to blend in better I turned my striped prison shirt inside out so it was now a different color with a large tiger emblem on the back.

I did my best to blend in with the city folk pretending to be a camera salesman but somehow they police were still able to track me.  They surrounded me and there was nowhere to go.