Memory – When I was David

My best friend, David, moved away after our last year in Elementary School when his parents got divorced.  It was only a few years after my father died.

In one of my classes in middle school, the teacher asked us if we had a nickname we would rather go by.  I told them, “David.”   Nobody I knew ever said anything.  I answered to David in that class all year.  At one point the teacher got in contact with my mom for the progress report.  When she told her that David was doing very well my mom didn’t know who she was talking about.

Now that I look back at it I wonder what my friends thought.  Did they not make a thing about it because it was obvious that I was traumatized?   I wonder what my mom thought.

I enjoyed being someone else.  It was like having my friend back.




One thought on “Memory – When I was David

  1. Emily

    This was a very touching and amazing story to share. Sometimes, it’s easier to pretend things are the same even though they are dramatically different. This is seriously one of the most soulful posts I have ever read. Thank you for sharing!

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