Happy Birthday to Me

hbdWell here it is.  I am officially 45.   I was never good at birthdays and had convinced myself that I was already 45.  I guess it’s like getting a free year.

I met with my mom, sister and aunt and we went to New Braunfels and had lunch at McAdoos.  A nice seafood restaurant built in the old New Braunfels Post Office.  Pretty cool place.  The food was a bit on the expensive side but sometimes it’s worth it.  I had the Seafood Platter which cost $22.00.   It was not a bad collection of seafood.  You should check this place out.  It feels good to spend time with family.  It is possibly the best therapy a lonely guy could have.

Around 20 years ago I promised myself that if when I turned 45 and if I was still living a sad, pointless life that I would make drastic changes.  I’ve already talked extensively about this and now the deadline has come.  I have come pretty far with my self-psychology and am feeling rather decent right now so even though I am living a pointless life, it is not exactly “sad” right now.  I feel that I can give myself at least a small amount of leeway on my deadline but now that I have reached it change could happen at any moment.

Being fired or quitting my job would put the game into play.  I am ready if and when it might happen.  In the meantime, I think I will continue with my Happiness Project and see where it takes me.  So for now, Happy Birthday to me



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