Alternate Lifeplan Research


In my research into an Alternate Lifeplan, I can see myself living in an RV for a few years, traveling around the US looking for a place I love to build a house and settle down.

Used RVs are so cheap on Craigslist.  The one in the picture is only $8000.  I would love to buy one and fix it up a bit.  That’s not a bad way to see the US to find your place.   It kind of makes me want to get fired.

I might buy one just for the halibut.


2 thoughts on “Alternate Lifeplan Research

  1. Adrienne

    Have to disagree with Nathanjedi…NorCal is screwed up. The entire state of CA is screwed up. 90% angry people living on the edge, having spent every dime they could beg or borrow, and 10% super rich people lording it over the rest. The state is completely broke, and they are running out of water. I love my hometown of Carmel beyond words, but I’d never live there again 😦 We’re going to take a shot at Washington state, but for MaxPower…I think Colorado is a nice choice. Plenty of sunshine, but some real weather too. Also should take the RV up through SoDak and Montana, etc.

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