It is now officially summer in San Antonio


It’s Mid-May now and after a relatively cool “spring” the summer has now begun.  It was obvious just yesterday when you notice that the breeze is no longer cool and refreshing but more of a wet blast furnace.   Yes.  Welcome to San Antonio.

Today it is 95 degrees and humid.  Because of the high dew-point, the “feels-like” temperature is 100.  Yes.  Sucks.

As part of my happiness project I must not be angry about things I cannot control.  I will do my best to avoid thinking about the oppressive heat and therefore being beaten by it.  Of course ignoring the huge elephant in the room is quite difficult as he stands in front of the TV.  Still, I must do my best to look around him.

I can’t guarantee I won’t break down again this summer but we must…try…our….best.  There’s no doubt that I will be taking the cover off the swimming pool in the next day or two.