How driving a hybrid can lower your blood pressure and stress levels

tytaprusA few years ago, after bending my BMW, I bought myself a one year old Toyota Prius.  I was really attracted by the 50+ MPG mileage.  As gas prices continue to rise, buying anything that is not a hybrid is just not a wise choice.

There are many other advantages of driving a hybrid car.  A few of which are lowered blood pressure, less road rage and less stress.  How?  It is quite simple.

Reduced Wallet Rage
It is so wonderful to fill up your tank for only $35.00 and drive for 500 miles rather than spending almost a hundred and going only half as far.  It feels very good and you don’t even mind going to the pump only twice a month.

Reduced Road Rage
When you own a hybrid you are already getting great gas mileage but it instills in you the desire for even better gas mileage.  The built-in MPG gauge and charting makes getting great mileage more like a game.  You learn to drive gently.  Accelerate slowly and brake long and evenly.  With a little practice you can learn how to drive in electric mode for a few miles.  It’s like driving for free.  As you slow down you start not minding being passed by people and find yourself without someone RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.   The road is clear in front and you feel like the road is less crowded.

Reduced stress and blood pressure
As you slow down, you don’t feel falsely rushed to get to where you are going.  Traffic congestion around you is reduced and time slows down.  You feel calmer.  You arrive at work having enjoyed the drive rather than being pissed off by ALL THE BASTARDS BLOCKING YOUR WAY!  You may become the slow bastard but if you drive in the right hand lane, people can pass you and everybody is happy.

Driving a hybrid (or electric car) is good for you and your life.  I have absolutely NO regrets about spending the extra money.  It is easily made up by saving at the pump and at the psychologist’s office.  I love winning!


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