9 inches of rain in San Antonio last night


Holy Cow!  It started raining early this morning.  I heard the sound but it took me a long time to figure out what it was.  It rained all night.  When I woke up my swimming pool was overflowing.

I didn’t think a lot of it though.  I was just happy to get a large amount of rain.  My gauge was full at about 5 inches which blew my mind.  It wasn’t until 5:00pm when I watched the news that I saw just how much rain fell.

Nine Inches!   Even the last hurricane didn’t bring us nine inches.  It has been decades.  The video of flooding on the news was amazing.

Nobody expected it.  The weathermen had no idea.  It was kind of a bullseye on San Antonio.  It won’t help the rest of the state much with the drought but San Antonio is set for a few weeks at least.  I hope it fell in the aquifer recharge zone because we were less than two feet from stage three water restrictions meaning you can only water your lawn once every two weeks.  A death sentence for my grass.  The aquifer is already up two feet and should rise quite a bit more over the next few days.  I feel much relieved for now.

I called it last month that I expected this year to be much less sunbaked than the last 10 years.  So far my prediction is coming true.  Let’s hope it continues to trend this way.




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