Why the US lost our jobs to China

dtrtI just watched a documentary on PBS about the downfall of Detroit due to the closing of the auto plants.   This is happening all around the United States but is best represented by Detroit.

The main problem is that manufacturing jobs were moved to China because they work for less money.  Basically they have a lower “Standard of Living”.

I’ve always hated that phrase.  “Standard of Living” is used here as a way of saying, “I deserve to have it all”.  Originally such a philosophy was sustainable because the rest of the world was incapable of doing what we do.  Now as countries like China and India become more advanced, they are now able to manufacture things as well or more efficiently than we can.

Being able to sustain our unrealistic standard of living becomes impossible.  That unrealistic standard is thought to be an inalienable right.  It isn’t our fault though.  For many decades we were brainwashed to think that we can do anything we want.  Technically that is true, but not for everyone.

The reason we are losing our jobs is that we want to be paid too much.  We think that we have to have that over-sized house and an over-sized car.  We think that it is OK to have a bunch of children.  We can’t live without the $50 a month cable bill and the $125 per month cell phone.  All these things are required to live.   If we lower our income we can’t afford these things therefore we can’t lower our income.  Nope.  Nothing happening.   Instead we lose our jobs completely.

This could have been avoided and can be reversed by simply living simply.   Sell that quarter of a million dollar house you should have never bought and get one for $50,000.   Sell that Hummer and get a used small car.  Drop the cable and the cell phone.   There are 313 Million people in the U.S. and we can’t all be kings.

Stop deluding yourselves.  You don’t deserve it and you can’t have it.  Let it go and live simply.  Only you can save the world.


2 thoughts on “Why the US lost our jobs to China

  1. Adrienne

    YES! I love this posting SO MUCH! I’m afraid to say what I really think to my friends most of the time. They are whining about not having this, not having that, meanwhile driving their credit cards up. Some have moved back in with the parents because of crushing credit card debt. How do you beat fiscal responsibility in to a 40yr old?! What happened to saving for something you want, instead of just buying it instantly and piling up years of debt. Kids graduating from high school don’t get to HAVE a brand new car, an apt paid for by parents, and unlimited credit! The concept of “NO” doesn’t exist…

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