To RV or not to RV. That is the question.

mtrhmeFor a few weeks now I’ve had the idea of buying a used Motor home.  They are selling quite cheaply on Craigslist.  I can get an amazing 33 foot machine for between $6,000 and $10,000.  I am lusting after the idea.

The wild side of me says, “You are crazy not to buy one.”   My life is dull, boring, lame.  I like the idea of camping but not so much in love with tenting.  I have so much money sitting in the bank getting hardly any interest.  It would be a drop in the bucket to just go pick one up.  It would be fun to spend some time traveling around Texas parks and spending weekends camping in style.  It would also be a great way to live for a while if I decide to just give up my current life.

The sane side of me says, “You are crazy to buy one!  You have no business doing something like that.”  Those things are HUGE!  I would have to pay for storage.  I would need insurance.  I would have to learn to drive something so big.  It would be very intimidating for a person to take on something like that all by himself.  If only I had a little moral support.

Still.  I am leaning towards YES right now.  Even if I only kept it a few years, it may be totally worth it.  Maybe I would really like it and keep it.  I guess one must at least give it a try for the experience if nothing else.  If I think about it, I’m almost more interested in owning it than actually using it.   That’s kind of dumb, huh?

Motor homes come in many different sizes but I’m thinking if you are going to do it and the prices are so cheap you might as well go big-time. I’m not going to make any rash decisions yet.  There is much research to do first.  I’m not in a hurry anyway.  I don’t mind getting a fixer-upper.  I would enjoy that more than having one that was 100% ready.  From what I’m seeing in the sub-10,000 price range they are in damn good shape so little work might be needed.

If you are an RV owner, please comment and give me any advice you might have to bestow.  I would love to hear from you.



One thought on “To RV or not to RV. That is the question.

  1. Adrienne

    Not an owner, but a renter. Well, once. (stay with me here 🙂 It’s great. We had a group of friends who wanted to go camping, and I was like “helllll no” because I’m a city slicker. We rented one with a kitchen and a nice bed and indoor plumbing, and man, I had a way better time than the people who got bitten by red ants in their tent (smirk) and chased by mating armadillos!
    They aren’t that bad to drive. Come on, what do you usually see driving them? Yeah, 80 yr olds! Puhleeze. 🙂 You should go for it!

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