Dreamblog – The Mountain and the Spamnami

mtnsnwI was on a vacation trip.  My mom was with me.  We were in a hotel with a beautiful view of a snowy mountain out the window.  People were outside playing in the snow.  I stared at the breathtaking view and suddenly thought about having to go back home to the crappy town I live in and it reminded me of my real life.  I started crying.

When I got home from the trip I found my email on my iPad full with millions of emails containing TV shows.   They were pouring in faster than I could select all and delete.  Each one had a different name and was from a different sender.  There was no way I could filter them out or block them.  They just kept coming in like a tidal wave.  The only thing I could do would be to change my email address.  I was extremely frustrated.  I woke up angry.


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