Feeling much better again

wlofsdnsWow!  That was so weird.  At the beginning of this week I was getting ready to write a blog entry about how good I was feeling.  I felt like I was doing better than ever when BOOM!  Suddenly I was at the bottom of the Well of Sadness covered in sewage.   I’m not entirely sure what happened.

I think it was a combination of small things from my list of “How to piss me off” items.  It put into motion a wave of bad thinking that just grew and grew until it was out of control.  I became frustrated that I couldn’t make it stop and as a result became incredibly angry with myself.  It was like a Dementor was following me around.  I swear I felt like I would never be happy again.  I’m going to have to practice that Patronus spell some more.

I was down in the well all week until mid-morning today.  I spent much of the day laying on the couch in my office reading stuff on the “I can has Cheeseburger” app on my iPad.  It must have helped me forget my troubles and let my brain relax.  I feel better now and I think I’m over those stupid little things.  Man.  I hope that never happens again.

My rage-days don’t come often any more but they seem to have become more powerful to make up for it.  Seriously, that has to have been the worst ever.

Today being Friday probably helped.





One thought on “Feeling much better again

  1. Adrienne

    YES! I have a certain person in my life (cough brother cough) who is a Dementor! And why do people look at us funny when we use that expression…it fits perfectly, right… it helps when you can feel the bile surge coming and ward it off, which I try to do with really loud 80s happy music 😉

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