Spurs Loose the Finals!!!


Hooray!  The Finals are over and the Spurs LOST!  Why should this make me happy?

Living in San Antonio sucks enough without hearing about the damn Spurs every minute of your day.  It’s like, “Spurs..Spurs…Spurs…Spurs…Spurs…” and even worse, “Go..Spurs..Go”.  How unoriginal.

The only thing worse that the Spurs being int he playoffs and finals for 9 months and playing games every night would be if they won.  They won the finals a few times in the past and the celebration and related marketing and annoyance was unbearable.

I don’t get it.  It’s basketball.  Who gives a damn?  Let’s spend all that time and money on something important like jetpacks or a solution to our energy problems.

No.  I don’t care about basketball.  I don’t get it.