A Study on an Empty Fridge


My fridge is suddenly empty but I am thinking I like it that way.  When it is full I feel that I have to eat everything before it spoils.  I end up eating unnecessarily and feeling unpleasant.  My cabinets are pretty bare too.  No chips, no soda, no bad stuff.

I eat out for lunch pretty much every day.  Sometimes it is a healthy meal and sometimes not.  In most cases I’m really not hungry in the evening for anything other than a small snack before bedtime.  I think I like the idea of not having a lot of food around the house and I think I’ll let it go for an extended period and see what happens.  I will, perhaps, buy some fruit and other healthy things to snack on.  I don’t get enough fruits and veggies in my diet anyway so now I will be forced to eat them.  I love a good experiment.

Of course I will not be prepared when the Chinese detonate the nuke in our atmosphere causing an EMP that destroys our power grid and turning everyone into hunter-killers.  Oh well.  I guess I’ll just have to die.