Naked is better

bkyrdnkdI hate wearing clothes.  I really don’t see the point.  Clothes are hot, confining and overall unpleasant.  When you are at home, why do you wear clothes?  Nobody can see you anyway and then you’ll just have to wash them.

Here in San Antonio, it’s hot.  Damn hot.  Real hot!  The only way to achieve comfort is to get naked.  When I get home from work, my clothes come off at the door.  Much better!  I like to spend time out in my back yard and it sucks to have to put on shorts to go outside.  I have spent a lot of years making my yard as private as possible so that won’t be necessary.  There is just one section where the back side neighbor’s 2nd story window looks over my fence.  Fortunately they keep their vertical blinds closed against the heat most of the time.

I plan on building a 15 foot vine trellis to cover that view.  Hopefully by next year I can use the yard and pool naked all the time.  (As long as my right next door neighbor house remains abandoned.)  Crossing my fingers for that.  In the meantime I’m just taking my chances.  I really don’t care anymore.  I must be able to do what I want to do.

So, you are probably saying to yourself, “This guy is crazy.”  Well, then you probably haven’t tried it.  Nudity is wonderful.  It is the way we were born and the way we were meant to be.  Did God make Adam and Eve wear clothes?  No.  That was their idea after they ate the damn apple.  Before that they were perfectly happy and at one with nature.

So stop making that face and take your clothes off.  You know you want to.


One thought on “Naked is better

  1. Adrienne

    heh, I am reading these in order, so I just found this post. I agree, to a point! My main problems with it here in our lovely (gag!) Texas are hot sun and mosquitoes. I burn instantly, have skin cancer in the family, and I am more succulent to any flying bug than a Twinkie at an Overeaters Anon meeting. Plus I sauntered in to our private backyard topless one time to find painters on 10 foot ladders at the neighbors. Oh…hi. :p Anyway, hope you have some washable covers on your lazyboy… 🙂

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