108 Degrees In San Antonio Today,

108What did I tell you?  It’s frick’n hot here!

The temperature reached 108 degrees in San Antonio today.  It was FOUR degrees above the record high for on this day.  The whole SouthWest U.S. is broiling.  Even Death Valley is expected to reach a record high of 130 degrees tomorrow.  I expect this planet has only a few years left as global warming will burn us to a crisp and the Earth will look like Mars.

I was out in it today.  A friend and I went to an Nudist convention near Bastrop, TX.   I played in a water volleyball tournament.  Unfortunately my team lost right away.

It was damn hot.  Even the dirt and grass were burning my feet. It got so hot in the car that my iPhone, which was inside the center console, burned my hand when I picked it up. When I turned it on it only displayed a message saying it was too hot to operate.   It was even hot in the shade and the pool was close to 100 degrees. (Not exaggerating.)  At least it is cooler outside when you aren’t wearing any clothes.


One thought on “108 Degrees In San Antonio Today,

  1. Adrienne

    Oh myyyyyyyyyy (to quote George Takei)… 🙂 Nudist, is it? I admit, I didn’t see that coming! 😛

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