Dreambog – The Trip to Japan

I was headed to the airport with my mom and sister for a trip to Japan.  I hadn’t even had time to pack so I figured I would just buy whatever I needed when I got there.  We already had our tickets when we walked into the airport but could not find any information on which gate we needed to go to.  I pulled out my iPhone and found that we had to get all the way to gate 40.

It was a log way to gate 40 but there were some large wagons with seats that you could ride.  Rather than being electric, our cart was being pulled by a little gray-haired lady who looked older than my mom.   I thought that was pretty weird.  My mom got out and switched with her.  That was too much for me so I switched with my mom.  I pulled the cart around a corner and got stuck in a bunch of round dining tables.

After finally making it to gate 40 the gate attendant told us that the flight was delayed because of a hurricane over Japan.  I pulled out my iPhone for a weather map and sure enough, the hurricane completely covered the island.