Does Wal-Mart ruin small towns?

sprwlmrtDamn you, Wal-Mart!

There are at least 20 Wal-Marts in San Antonio.   Is that REALLY necessary?  If you drive past one, no worries.  Stop at the next one just down the road.

One of the nearby small towns, Cibolo, is fighting the building of a Wal-Mart.  There is one just 6 miles down the road.  Why would they need one there?  The town is about to be ruined.

My future life in a small town in Colorado is threatened by a Wal-Mart being built there.

Why does Wal Mart ruin small towns?  There are many reasons.  The best few being that the store is like a skyscraper in a small town square.  It doesn’t belong there.  It drives small stores out of business and encourages new slash-and-burn neighborhoods causing more sprawl, more people, traffic congestion and most importantly, the loss of the small town experience.

How wonderful is it to go into a country grocery store or hardware store and know the owner at the register?  Our children will never know the feeling.  Small town atmosphere is in danger of extinction and Wal-Mart is the one to blame.

Please, WalMart!  Have a heart!  Don’t ruin the rest of the United States.  Let at least some of  it be natural.  You have enough money now.