Somebody Stop Me!

ttnospzzaGross!  Damn it!

Why do I keep buying this horrible pizza.  A few months after being grossed out by it I forget and buy it again.

Even though Totino’s pizzas are small, a whole ‘za is too much nasty for a single person.  I still have another one in my freezer.  I’m going to have to eat it too eventually.

Somebody stop me.

Why can’t food that is good for you taste good.  Help me, science!


3 thoughts on “Somebody Stop Me!

  1. Adrienne

    Well geez, thanks for reminding me 🙂 We’d switched to diGiorno, but I remember the sweet temptation of eating a whole Totinos. Sadly, we’re off all frozen pizza, due to the influx of Chinese products used to make them 😦 Garlic, spinach, green onion, dried mushrooms…all coming from poisonous places in China. Finding it hard to even MAKE a pizza, since making the sauce is such a pain, and they won’t label where ingredients come from in the stores. RE your other post…back to eating Mexican. Snicker!

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