Rick Perry not seeking 4th term as Texas Governor

rkprryFinally!  Long, long, long-time governor of Texas, Rick Perry announced today that he will not be seeking a 4th term.  This guy has been governor for longer than most people have been alive.  Aren’t there any term limits around here?

Surely his plan is to run for President again.  He didn’t make it last time so here we go again.  I don’t see how he could possibly become President.  The man obviously has no soul.  I am pretty sure his is some kind of emotionless robot.  He looks like the same kind of robot as George Bush.

Plus, he’s just another politician.  That’s last thing the U.S. needs.  We need a real, live, thinking person as President.  I don’t even care which party.  As long as they are alive and non-corruptible.  Let’s hope he can’t fool everyone.


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