Fixed my Delta Band Saw

dltabndswYeeeah Suwheeet!

Last year while working with my not-really-old Delta band saw I tightened the blade too much and the tightening mechanism inside, which was made of lightweight cast aluminum, broke.  I immediately went online to buy a replacement part just to find out that you can buy ANY part for this saw EXCEPT the one piece that broke.  Sounds like some kind of woodworking conspiracy to me.

The saw sat silent and sad for many months while I pondered its fate.   It was not old enough to just throw away and buy a new one.  Today I was derping around in the garage when I decided to tackle the issue.  Using a nut that matched the tightening knob screw and a small piece of scrap steel square tubing, I put together a perfect replacement part.   I welded the tubing to the nut and cut a notch in the end of the tubing to form a hook.   SHABAM!   The saw is as good, if not better, than new.

While putting the blade back in I noticed a guide wheel that was out of place.  That explained why cutting a straight line was virtually impossible.  Now that it is adjusted correctly I’m ready to rock my next project.

Damn I’m good.  You would think women would be flocking all over me, wouldn’t you?



One thought on “Fixed my Delta Band Saw

  1. Adrienne

    Shabam indeed! (er, although…did you mean ShaZam?:) There is nothing more satisfying than fixing something broken with a part you fabricated yourself! I mean, it validates the whole superiority of humans, right? 🙂

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