Memory – Pay-Per-View


Back in the 80’s, San Antonio was just beginning to get a new service called, “Cable TV”.  Before then we had an antenna on the roof that got ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and a spanish station.  I grew up on PBS with Sesame Street and the Electric Company.  It wasn’t until I got cable that I realized that PBS was in color.  The signal was good enough for video but the color didn’t come through on that channel.

When they installed the cable we got an additional box that gave us the ability to get “Pay-Per-View”.  My first understanding was that it was “Paper View”.  My mom was a big fan of reading the daily newspaper so I thought it was pretty cool that we would now be able to read the newspaper on the TV screen.   That was long before the internet and we can still BARELY read the newspaper on the computer screen 31 years later.   No wonder it is a dying media.