Motorhome Strike One

itskarvI just got back from taking a look at a 1990 Winnebago Itasca Sunflyer Motorhome.  I really like the design of this machine but this particular one was a little more rough than I am looking for.  I don’t mind the challenge for doing a major fix & renovation but I’m sure my Home Owners Association will not allow me to keep it in the driveway that long.

I am both disappointed and relieved.  I would have liked to buy it but it is nice to have looked at it and not be obsessing over it for a while.  I guess I’ll keep looking.  There are many posted on Craigslist every week.  I might also consider paying a little more for a newer model.

The strange thing is that I remember 1990 as if it was just a couple of years ago.  The plastics in this RV had discolored and the fabrics faded with age.  Seems that time passes way faster than you might think.  What do you mean 1990 was 23 years go????