Slow Blogging

I have not been blogging very much lately.  I think the part of my soul that died included my blogging motivation.  I’ve thought of a few topics but just can’t get myself to write them down.

Many of the topics I have been thinking about lately have been a bit on the dark side.  It would be unwise in today’s social-political environment to write such things in a publicly viewable place considering that our freedom of speech has been compromised and a witch-hunt has become standard practice.  I think it best to keep my thoughts to myself on certain subjects.  The internet is automatically scanned for certain words which, in the infancy of Big Brother, could be taken out of context or misconstrued completely.

I may write these thoughts and dreams down in a super-private location just for myself.  It would be best to get them out of my head in some manner.




Dreamblog – The Laptop

ltopI was in an office supply store looking at the stuff in the computer department.  There was one employee working that department and he was busy with another customer.  The phone rang so I picked it up.  It was a young woman calling to see if there was a specific laptop in stock.  It was a model that was on sale and the shelf below the display was empty.

I walked to the back to see if there were any more. There were none in the store-room.  I walked back to the phone and told her that there were no more.  Only the display was left.  She told me that I was wrong.  There were more in stock.  She must have been looking at the website which was displaying an incorrect number of items in stock.  I told her again that we were out.  She again insisted that we had more.  I told her “OK, Thanks. Bye.”




Feeling Different

chngI have been feeling a little different lately.  A little less obsessed with the things that frustrate me.  It could be that my recent attempt to destroy my soul has at least had a little effect.  I feel like a small part has died and I like it.  If not dead, at least asleep.

Maybe it is the fact that the summer is on the downturn now.  It is only in the upper 90s instead of the 100s this week.  It is a nice feeling that the worst may be over and winter is finally coming.

Having lost a little of my soul is making my life a little more bearable.  I am no longer lusting after buying an RV.  I no longer feel any need to be around other people.  Really.  I feel little need for social life or sex.  It’s wonderful!  I am also a little less angry that I am wasting whole days of my life sitting in a dark office while life goes on outside.  If I can continue to destroy more of my soul, I might be more like all the people around me.  Maybe I will fit in.

I feel more change in the air.  Not sure if it is personal change or world change.  I just feel some anticipation.  I like it.  Something to live for maybe?

Why? – The Most Important Question


It’s the most important yet least answered question the world has to offer.  It drives me insane.

Every night, you watch the news and see things happening.  For example:  Today a man went crazy and tried to open an emergency exit door on a plane while it was in flight.  The obvious question is, “WHY??”

So why does the press not ask this question?  How will we ever know?

Another example just today.  A gunman stalks an elementary school.  Will we ever know why?  I’m betting, No.

I think the world deserves answers.  Perpetrators need to be forced to answer why they did something.

We all want to know WHY Nidal Hasan shot up Fort Hood.  We all want to know WHY James Holmes shot up the theater in Aurora, Colorado.

I don’t care about who or what.  I just want to know why.

Advice to bad people:  Leave a note explaining your actions.  It is pointless to do something like that if people don’t know your motivation.  You just wasted your time and didn’t prove anything.  To be a martyr people need to know what your are trying to accomplish.   If you are just killing people just because you are angry, people need to know what you are angry about or they will just think you are crazy.



Scheduling Hyper-V Replication

hprvAfter setting up Microsoft’s Hyper-V Core virtual server to host a few machines at work I was disappointed to see that replication from one host to a backup host occurs every 5 minutes.  That may be fine for certain environments but I would prefer that it happen after hours so that if something horrible happens during the day, I can shut the main VM down and bring up the replicated machine using yesterday’s configuration.  Sure, you would lose some data but that could be retrieved at a more convenient time.

The Hyper-V manager does now allow you to schedule your replication so you have to do it in an old-timey way using the command line.   Searches for methods to do this came up with one guy who did it in a complicated manner that I was not comfortable with.  I decided to come up with my own method:

Start by creating two batch files on your Hyper-v RECEIVING host.

c:\SuspendReplication.cmd  which contains the command:  powershell suspend-vmreplication *
c:\ResumeReplication.cmd which contains the command:  powershell resume-vmreplication *

Now, in the dos window, enter the following commands to schedule the tasks:

schtasks /create /tn “SuspendReplication” /tr c:\SuspendReplication.cmd /sc daily /st 08:00
schtasks /create /tn “ResumeReplication” /tr c:\ResumeReplication.cmd /sc daily /st 17:00

The first suspends replication at 8am and the second resumes at 5pm.
Choose whatever times you prefer to suit your needs.




Crazy People


Today I was sitting in the waiting room at my dentist for a cleaning.  While sitting on the couch I overheard two other people who struck up a conversation.  Something I could never do.

They were talking about where they were from.  One was from California and one was from Ohio.   The fact that people came here from places better blew my mind.  I wanted to get up and yell at them.  “What the hell did you come here for?  You left perfectly nice places to come live in Hell’s Oven.  It’s 103 degrees here today you stupid idiots.”
It hurts my brain to think about it.  Did someone arrange this conversation just to piss me off?  Are these people for real?  They voluntarily moved to San Fucking Antonio?   It just goes to prove that there is no intelligent life out there.