Dreamblog – The Worst Fest

wrstfstI was by myself as I approached a local favorite festival in New Braunfels.  Wurstfest.  Basically a celebration of Germanic Beer and Sausage.  Mostly Beer.

There was an immense line of people waiting to get in but on the other side of the area I found a ticket booth with nobody in line.  As it should be.

As I walked up to the booth, I saw that the entry fee was $66.00.  I couldn’t believe it but rather than get pissed off and leave I decided to go ahead and waste some money.  I got out my wallet but my usual debit card was not there.  I freaked out a little and offered up my secondary card.

The guy told me that Apple doesn’t accept cards with seven numbers and handed it back to me.  He asked if I had cash.  I dug out my cash and laid. it on the counter.  It didn’t come close to adding up to $66.00.

I wasn’t so upset that I couldn’t get in. I don’t like beer, sausage and hoards of people anyway.  I was more worried about the fact that my main debit card was missing.  Where had I last used it?  I hope it hasn’t fallen into the wrong hands.