Why I’ve stopped watching the news

5dyfrcstAs part of my sequestration from life, I have been avoiding the news.  All news including the weather.  It just pisses me off more so I must avoid it.

The weather is especially bad this time of year in San Antonio.  The forecast is for Hot, Hot and Hotter!  Today I thought I might take a peek at the weather on the local news.  I tuned in just in time to get the before-commercial weather teaser.  He said it was 102 today and stay tuned to see how much hotter it will get this weekend.  I changed the channel.

Not only is it hot enough, today is the 15th day of over 100 degree weather and August is only beginning.  We had 56 days last year.  We are on the verge of going into Stage 3 water restrictions.

I could have done without knowing all this.  Knowing just makes things worse.  No more news for me until November.

I hate this planet.