Dreamblog – The Football Coach


I had somehow become the coach of the local football team.  I really didn’t know a lot about football so when the game started I ran away.  The team lost and an angry mob was out looking for me.

In reality, I don’t know a whole lot about contact sports.  I blame the fact that I grew up without a father.  When my friends went out to play football I was not interested.  Afraid of getting hurt, I found other things to do.  The only times I ever watched a football game all the way through was in high school because I was in the band.  Even then, I didn’t really pay attention to the game.  We just messed around in the stands.

I think, even though, that I would be a good football coach.  I would be all like, “Ok men… I want you to get out there and carry the ball to the end of the field then throw it down and dance.  Don’t let anyone stop you.  Next.  I want you to kick the ball over the tall Y thing.  OK.  Break!”